The bytePANEL is engineered for a huge variaty of applications. The flexible structure allows implement even profound changes easily. Furthermore, the bytePANEL can be also connected with a touchscreen display. There are two modules available: The AM335x with the powerful ARM® Cortex® A8 CPU (1 GHz) and max. 32 GB flash memory (eMMC) and the module STM32MP1x with the ARM® Cortex® A7 CPU (Single or Dual 650 MHz), the Co-CPU Cortex® M4 and max. 64 GB Flash (eMMC). Further advantages are low energy usage, robust and resiliant engineering and up to 10 years of support for hardware components.

  • SOMs: bE-AM335x or bE-STM32MP1x
  • bE-AM335x: ARM Cortex A8, RAM: 1GB, Flash: 64GB
  • bE-STM32MP1x: ARM Cortex A7+M4, RAM: 1GB, Flash: 64GB
  • Power supply: 12-30V
  • Ethernet: 1x 10/100 (Mbit/s)
  • USB: 2x USB TypA
  • SD/MMC: Micro SD slot
  • 125 x 82 x 20 mm
  • Betriebstemp.: -40° to +85°C