Your sorrows

Industrial Computing Products of bytes at work can offer you many ways profitable advantages. PC-based products often have the disadvantage that it will place a lot of energy, 100 watts or more, consume. Often these products are also a short availability. No sooner have you introduced a PC-based system, it will be discontinued, and the integration and test phase starts anew. Not so with bytes at work products. Our environment and nature is close to our hearts, therefore place great emphasis on low energy consumption and sustainability of our products.

Our solution

Our products are characterized by their long service life of 10 years, low energy consumption. (Less than 5 watts), high temperature range of -20 to +70 degrees, long-term availability and stylish and functional design. Our products are continuously optimized, developed and maintained, this ensures continuous high-quality and timeliness.

Prototypes are available now. For orders or more detailed information about our products please contact us via email or call us at +41 52 213 79 79. We d’love to provide more information.

Your success is our goal