Software first

Since 2010, we have used our know-how and expertise to develop into one of the leading embedded Linux providers in Europe. We consistently work according to the software-first approach – because software drives innovation. All products and solutions are developed, assembled and produced in Winterthur, Switzerland. Therefore, they meet Swiss quality standards—and the standards of our customers.

A strong team

Our team is interdisciplinary. All members have at least one degree in computer science, engineering or mechatronics and are continuing to educate themselves. We also have management and production experience. That is why we always keep the big picture in mind and implement our hardware and/or software projects to technical perfection while optimizing our use of resources.


Markus Kappeler

CEO/Initiator of bytesatwork

Stephan Dünner

Head of Hardware Development

Florian Daur

Project manager

Debora Hochreutener

Head of Order Processing and Back Office


Daniel Ammann

Software Developer

Alex Forsch

Software Developer

Rico Ganahl

Software Developer

Benjamin Imhof

Software Developer

Mischa Jörg

Software Developer

Michael Meister

Software Developer

Guy Morand

Software Developer

Frank Obergfell

Software Developer

Martin Schweingruber

Software Developer

Simone Schwizer

Software Developer

Marco Widmer

Software Developer


Georg Schmid

Hardware Project Manager

Roman Haldenstein

Hardware Developer

Zeljko Radosevic

Hardware Developer

Martin Freimoser

Electronic Technician


Yvonne Müggler

Accounting and Administration Clerk

What we believe in

Industrial computing is increasing in importance all the time and, thanks to developments like the Internet of Things, becoming more and more powerful. This means that demands on hardware—and especially on software—are increasing too. We believe that software drives innovation. That is why we develop the software first, then build the hardware around it and coordinate all components to each other. This allows us to meet the different requirements of our customers from various industries while using resources wisely. In all our projects, maximum reliability, long-term availability, operating duration and low energy costs are just as important to us as performance.


Questions? Answers!

Want to learn more about us? Or are you a Software Developer and do you want to work for bytes at work? Contact us. We are continuously looking for new talents and will gladly take the time to tell you more about ourselves.